Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Special Rebecca

About the Author:
Regan Sheddan is nine years old.  She is a third grader at Sheddan Academy.  She enjoys art, American Girl things, and rollerblading.  She loves the color purple and teal and is great at making friends.  She also enjoys designing and rearranging her room.  When she grows up, she would like to be a dress designer or a teacher.  She has a love for God and people that shows through her personality and smile.  She is full of talent and can accomplish anything she puts her mind to. 
Once there was a little girl named Rebecca.  She had a brother named James.  James was four.  Rebecca was six.  "Can we watch TV?" asked Rebecca.  "Sure," said Mom.  James turned the TV on.  "Come now to the American Girl store and get a doll like you or a special one."  "Can we please go?" asked Rebecca.  "OK!  But maybe just for a little bit," said Mom.  When they got there...WOW!! screamed Rebecca.  "There is a doll called Rebecca!" Can I have it?" asked Rebecca.  "No, but maybe you can ask for it for Christmas, ok?" said Mom.  They went home.  Christmas is just in one week.  She wrote her Christmas list and set up the Christmas tree.  One week later it was Christmas and she looked and saw all her presents under the tree.  One was wrapped in a mysterious pink blanket.  I wonder what this is Rebecca thought.  She opened it last.  "Here I go," she said.  She pulled back the pink blanket and there in front of her was the American Girl doll, Rebecca.  "Oh! Just what I wanted!" said Rebecca.  "Look!" said James.  There is also matching clothes.  "Oh! it's a dream come true."